Costa Brava

L'Escala, a point of reference on the Costa Brava

L'Escala was founded in the 16th century as a small fishing port that was dependent on the neighbouring town of Empúries. However, in 1766 it became a town itself and was named capital of the municipality, as this was a time of great economic prosperity resulting from maritime customs, the "Alfolí de la Sal" (salt market and warehouse), fishing and the export of wine and salted fish.

In the 19th century, the town's economy was sustained by fishing and vineyards, and this continued up until it was boosted by a new phenomenon: tourism. Since 1960, countless visitors have been captivated by our sea, our culture and our traditions. L'Escala is a special, unique place, accustomed to being a welcoming town ever since ancient times due to its good geographic location in a privileged, easily accessible spot on the Costa Brava.

Today, visiting the numerous points of historic interest, enjoying the beaches and being able to take advantage of the variety of sports and leisures activities on offer are just some of the opportunities waiting to be discovered by visitors to L'Escala.

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