Blue Flag

Collaborate with us!

How to collaborate with the Blue Flag?

As a user  you can also contribute to the Blue Flag

  • Follow the signs and pictograms attached to the port staff.
  • Contribute to sustainable development at the local level. Behave responsibly with water, fuel and electricity.
  • Help us with their suggestions to maintain the desirable level of environmental quality.
  • Refer to the club, to detect any problems or suggestions for improvement

Thank you for your cooperation!

In the marinas, there is another opportunity to participate individually in the Blue Flag. There is the possibility of getting a Blue Flag for boats.

Getting the Blue Flag for boats?

Skipper interested in collaborating with the Blue Flag , are you must request this award.

  • First step: express interest in the campaign offices of the port, so here are given all the necessary information about the campaign, which includes the Code of Conduct Sea Blue Flag.
  • Second step: Skipper must commit to act according as reflected in the code of conduct, maintaining an attitude of respect and care for the marine environment. Setting an example to other skippers and encouraging them to comply with the code of conduct, denouncing the excesses and bad practices of other boats.
  • Third step: the port will send documentation proving the merits and certifying that the employer complies with the campaign.

Request it here


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