How should we manage waste?

We can all do it together.

Waste types and facilities

Domestic waste - Recycling bins

  • Plastics: Should be placed in containers with yellow lids.
  • Glass: Should be placed in containers with green lids.
  • Cardboard and paper: Should be placed in containers with blue lids.
  •  Other domestic waste is anything that cannot be collected selectively, plus organic waste, which is not currently collected selectively. This should be placed in the large green containers.

Special waste - Blue Point

Special waste: Aerosols, leftover paints and varnishes, contaminated metallic and plastic containers, used mineral oils, lead batteries, contaminated clothes, dirty filters, remnants of hydrocarbon absorbers and solvents all must be taken to the BLUE POINT. Deposits inside the blue point are identified with signs that allow for the waste contained inside to be identified easily. The Blue Point is located in the technical area of the port and the seaman on duty must assist you in using it.

Sewage and bilge water

The destruction of the seas and oceans has many causes, but one of the most significant is caused by dumping. Dumping accounts for 75% of ocean pollution. The system for extracting raw sewage and bilge water generated by watercraft using the facilities is located at the fuelling station.

How should we manage waste?

  1. Wherever possible, reduce the amount of waste that you produce.
  2. Separate your waste into the different types and store them separately (in different containers) according to type.
  3. Waste will be collected using the containers located in the port area, as indicated on the map. Managing the waste that is generated in the port and by watercraft correctly prevents it from spreading and polluting the water and atmosphere. The Clean Point is the area where selective collection is centralised and where you can find containers for glass, paper and cardboard and light packaging.

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