L'Escala and the Natural Environment

L'Escala features fascinating natural resources.


One of L'Escala's most defining characteristics is that it is a town built on the sea, illustrated by the wide variety of marine landscapes, as L'Escala features everything from sandy beaches with coastal dunes to rocky massifs and rugged coves. This marine landscape is set in surroundings of great natural interest that include the Montgrí massif and Empordà wetlands.

L'Escala is an area that offers fascinating natural and historic resources that make a visit here essential, due to both the array of tourist attractions as well as the uniqueness of its natural richness.  The area is bordered by the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park to the south and the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park to the north, and is not far from the Cap de Creus Natural Park, providing L'Escala with enviable surroundings for anyone who enjoys nature.

There are 12 beaches and calas (coves) in L'Escala, all easily accessible, and each one having its own charm. Not to be missed are Cala Montgó, Riells beach, the traditional beaches by the old town centre and the beaches of Empúries, which are next to the archaeological site and interconnected by a scenic pedestrian walkway. The diversity of the beaches, together with the fishing tradition that is deeply rooted in this municipality, make L'Escala a town that has and will always be focused on the sea.

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