Exclusive discounts and advantages for members 2018

Are you a member Club already? subscribe yourself and enjoy the advantages.

Enterprises which collaborate with the Club and that offer a preferential treatment and exclusive discounts for members this 2018, to all of them, thank you very much!

Club members will receive preferential treatment from these companies, and some offer exclusive advantages and services. Please remember that these discounts will only be applied to the service/product posted on this website and when it is the member who purchases it. Please contact us in case of any problems to tel. +34 972 77 00 16.

Club partner companies advantages.

Nautical Services

Petrol Station  - Club Nàutic L'Escala

Discount on fuel purchase. Tel. +34 972 77 00 16

Sport Activities - Club Nàutic L'Escala 15% discount on sport products, present cheque for 2 people on any guided tour and 25% discount on sport events subscription that Club organises. Tel. +34 972 77 69 49

Escar l'Escala -Dry Zone -

Special conditions on boat maintenance services. Tel. +34 972 77 58 11

Jopa Nàutica New and occasion boats on sell, maintenance, repairs, winte storages, insurances, replacements and accessories. Tel. +34 972 770 755

Metropol Nàutiques

New and opportunity boats to sell, maintenance, reparations, winter storages, replacements and accessories. 10% disccount on accessories and special prices on boats. Tel. +34 972 77 54 03

Escola Nàutica Carreras 15% discount on nautical titles that Club organises. Tel. +34 972 78 04 82

Novaimport Empordà

Special conditions on boats to rent and others shop articles - New services - 'Accastillage Difusion' Store's: . Tel. +34 972 77 30 41

Tot Rent - Jet Ski

Special conditions on sky jet to rent.

Orca Diving Center

10% discount on centre activities: course, tours, renting, baptism and bottles charge. Tel. +34 639 309 597

Creuers Mare Nostrum

Special conditions on boats to rent and maritime tours. Tel. +34 972 77 37 97

Tramuntana Boats Let us manage your boat, you will note the difference! Do you want your boat ready and shining as no other one? Adapted monthly forfeits. Prices for members on antifouling, smoothing and tricking. Love the boat, enjoy the sea! Tel. +34 615 173 466


10 % Discount. Marine Safety and Equipment Centre. Is a company dedicated in the inspection and sale of inflatable liferafts, advice and supply of all types of maritime safety equipment and fire, among others, radio beacons, inflatable life jackets, survival and trajos any type of nautical equipment. Tel. +34 972 77 384

Port Cap d'Agde - Sodéal

They offer 1 second night for free per year

Port Leucate

They offer 1 second night for free per year

Accommodation and restaurants

La Barra del Port Restaurant

10% discount on menu. Tel. +34 972 77 06 74

L'Escala Resort

5% discount on touristic apartments to rent. Tel. +34 972 77 00 94

Apartament Club Nàutic

5% discount on touristic apartments to rent. Tel. 34 972 77 18 52


Escala Mobel

10% discount to Club members. Comprehensive refurbishing at L'Escala (kitchens, electrical appliances, etc.). Tel. +34 972 77 18 97.

Òptica Olé

15% disccount on sell and glasses repation and revisions. Tel. +34 972 77 09 86

Quatre del Nord First consult with a professional for free. Fiscal, labour, accounting, rent, advice and administrator. Tel. +34 972 51 47 10

Taxis Mateu

10% disccount on taxi service. Vehicle until 9 places. Tel. +34 634 736 937

Club Shop Nàutic L'Escala

15% discount on clothes and complements. Tel. +34 972 77 00 16

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