Blue Flag for boats. Get yours!

Are you concerned about the preservation of the marine environment? Get your Blue Flag for Boats!

On 7th June the Club Nàutic l’Escala was once again awarded the distinctive Blue Flag by the ADEAC-FEE. This internationally prestigious award values and rewards environmental management, safety, facilities and excellence in the provision of services.  It also values environmental education increasing awareness amongst its users.

The Costa Brava sports club therefore renews its commitment to the environment, safety and quality. It also invites its users to join the campaign to get the Blue Flag for boats.

What is it?

It’s a distinction, in the form of a diploma and a little Blue Flag, which is awarded to boat owners and users, which recognises their responsible behaviour and their commitment to respect, spread the word and enforce the Blue Flag environmental code of conduct both at sea and in the port.

How can you get it?

  1. Accept the Blue Flag of Behaviour at sea, fill in the form and bring it to the Club’s offices.
  2. Interested parties will have to commit to the Code of Conduct.  They will maintain an attitude, which respects and looks after the marine environment, making an example to other skippers and encouraging them to comply with the Code of Conduct. They will report the bad practices and excesses of other boats.
  3. The Club will send documentation to the ADEAC that certifies the merits of the skipper and his commitment to the programme.  The information will be analysed by the association and they will decide if the skipper is worthy of the award.

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