New ecological stations

Help us to become a more sustainable port!

We have brand new ecological stations with containers for rubbish, glass, plastic and larger packaging to facilitate waste management for users.  Help us to become a more sustainable port!

With the installation of two new ecological stations located in the car parks of docks A to L, the Club aims to facilitate correct waste management for the users. The larger dimensions allow bigger bags to be disposed of more quickly and easily.

Recycling is one the measures we have available to help us take care of our planet. Separating waste correctly improves its recycling or appropriate treatment.  In this way, we don’t throw away the waste, but we contribute to the beginning of a new cycle: its reuse.



  • Yellow Container - Waste containers, cans, and plastic sheets
  • Green Container - Glass
  • Blue Container  - Paper and carton
  • Grey Container - The rest in the reject bin
  • Blue Point - Dangerous - Oil, paints, solvents, batteries, oils, filters, flares, expired drugs and generally harsh chemicals

Bilge waste:

  • Do not throw or pour anything into the sea
  • Use containers available for each type of waste. In doubt, you can consult the Club staff
  • Check regularly for leaks or fuel oil of the vessel

Sewage water

  • Under the current legislation, vessels must have a tank for sewage
  • No discharging at sea or in port
  • At the gas station of the Club you can find a suction pump to empty these deposits


  • Do not throw anything into the sea or on the coast. On reaching the port, use the recycling containers for deposit. In case of doubt, you can consult the Club staff
  • Separating waste on board. It is recommended to use bags of different colors or separate containers


  • Recycling is one of the simplest steps we can take to care for our planet. More than a behaviour, a respectful attitude towards the environment
  • Recycling helps reduce air and water pollution
  • Recycling creates jobs
  • For every ton of paper recycled five trees are saved
  • With four glass bottles recycled electricity you can keep a refrigerator in operation for 24 hours
  • If we recycle, we reduce the pressure from landfills
  • Recycling is one of the easiest ways to combat global warming and we avoid generating more pollution.
  • If you use recycled paper, you help to conserve our natural resources.
  • Throwing paper in the bin is wasting material to make new products.
  • Recycling gives time to reforest the planet.
  • Recycling prolongs the life of materials saving money and resources.

Help us to make a good waste management, together it is possible!

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