News and improvements 2019


We leave behind a year to remember. We are happy to have been able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Club with all of you in 2018. Now, however, we continue to work to improve our facilities and services for the next season.

The winter months, with less harbour traffic, are the ideal time to carry out all these tasks and ensure that everything works perfectly for the summer season.

Review of walkways O, P, N and M

In this sense, the most outstanding action this year is the maintenance and improvement of the O, P, N and M walkways, which are located in front of the Club's Multipurpose Room. To be able to do it in the best possible way, we have already moved temporarily all the boats moored in this area to other moorings in the marina.

The project includes the replacement of the wood flooring and the renovation of the water and light turrets. On the other hand, we will review the submerged mooring systems and install new identifying numbers of the different places.

Other outstanding actions

The efforts of the Costa Brava sports marina team, however, will also aim at other aspects of the facilities and services, such as:

  • Restoring the draft in the mouth of the Little Clota
  • Improving the landscape zones of the Club
  • Painting the buildings
  • Optimizing the ecological islands to promote the correct management of waste
  • Improving the Wi-Fi coverage in Q dock area
  • Extending the video surveillance coverage by installing new cameras to ensure the full monitoring of the Club

Sports Area

Regarding the Sailing School of the entity, we will acquire new boats to continue offering an updated fleet, which is adapted to the needs of its users.

Another of the outstanding actions in this Area in 2019 is to promote the cruise sailing and fishing social meetings that are held periodically at the Club, with the aim of encouraging the relationship between the users of these two sports. Without necessarily focusing on the competition itself, we encourage all users to participate in these meetings, which will be accompanied by conferences of interest for both sailors and fishermen.

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