Registration of Operators of High-Speed Rigid-inflatable and Inflatable boats

Have you got a rigid-inflatable or inflatable boat over 8m long or with 150kW of power (or higher)? Then you should be reading this...

In Law 16/2018 26th October (BOE 27/10/18) the Government introduced specific measures in order to fight human trafficking and drug dealing. They created the Special Registration of Operators of High-Speed Rigid-inflatable and Inflatable boats, a request form which authorises the use of boats affected by this law, which has an effect on both professional and private users.

What kind of boats are affected by this?

Rigid-inflatable and inflatable boat moored to a Spanish harbour, regardless of its flag:

  • Length* over 8m
  • Length of 8m and under and power of 150kW or over

* Length including the inflatable structure

Who has to process the registration?

Owners of these boats:

  • Rescue and assistance teams that are specifically exempt from it
  • Sports, research, educational and corporate activities
  • Navigating inland waters and outside Spanish maritime area
  • Leisure: private use obeying security, technical and commercial requirements
  • DOES NOT AFFECT: auxiliary boats exclusively used as support for the main boat


  • Any activity willing to be authorized after 28/10/2018 must present the registration form
  • If you purchased one of these boats before 27/10/2018, there's a transitional period and you can present your registration form until 27/04/2019.
  • Failing to fulfil these requirements implies that the boats will be considered as unauthorised type according to Law 12/1995 12/12 of contraband repression.

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