Responsible sailing and the protection of the environment


It’s the inheritance that we will leave for future generations, one which will give them resources and which should allow them to enjoy the natural environment just as we do.

Misuse of a boat can cause, for example, a shipwreck, especially in rocky areas. This is where a member of the Club, Xavier Dolz, collected on board the Embolic IV during the month of August a large volume of remains. Fibreglass, metal and other non-biodegradable materials which would take years and years to disappear, if ever.

“The Blue Flag, should be requested, but also put into practice” declared Dolz. The Blue Flag for boats  is a distinction, in the form of a diploma and a little blue flag, which is awarded to boat owners and users, and recognises their responsible behaviour and their commitment to respect, spread and enforce the code of environmental conduct both at sea and at the port.

Apart from the recognition, the Bandera Blava guarantees responsible sailing in terms of safety and the environment.  A commitment to maintain the sea and nature in the best possible conditions so that future generations can also live and enjoy them.  The attitude that we should all have, with or without the blue flag, so that this is feasible.

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