Sail, enjoy and protect

We are situated on one of the greatest marine phanerogam forests in the Mediterranean.

The good weather calls us to enjoy the sea and its surroundings. We should enjoy it, but we must do so responsibly in order to preserve it and guarantee our safety and that of the other inhabitants and users of the sea. Help us out!

This is especially relevant in a privileged natural environment like the one we have at the Club, located right next to the Nature Reserve of the Montgri and Medes Islands, a place especially known for its beautiful landscapes and the richness of its flora and fauna.

We are situated on one of the greatest marine phanerogam forests in the Mediterranean. These meadows constitute complex ecosystems with a wide range of ecological functions that need to be preserved.

In order to reduce the negative impact of its degradation it is important to behave responsibly when anchoring:

  • The best option is always to use the anchoring buoys.
  • If there aren’t any, anchoring on the sand is the safest and does not destroy any habitats there may be. Anchoring on phanerogam meadows can be less effective and destroy the organisms that make up this community.
  • It is therefore necessary to look for a sandy bottom or a clearance far away enough from the meadow to avoid affecting it.

  • Arrival of the boat:
  1. Approach bow to the wind
  2. Lower the anchor when the boat has stopped
  3. Drop the chain up to >3 times the depth. There is no need to reverse to set the anchor
  4. Wait for the boat to return to the wind axis and ensure it engages. If the anchor slips, feed out more chain. Repeat the manoeuvre if necessary.

  • On departure of the boat:
  1. Slowly move forward picking up the chain until the plumb line of the anchor is reached
  2. Once located at this point, recover the anchor.

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