Sailing all year round

Sail with your boat, stop off in coves or do your favourite sport.

The days get shorter in autumn and the cold begins to take centre stage, but as the temperature of the sea is not that low yet, sailing is still a pleasure. 

The months of September and October have been very busy at the Club, full of sports and social events, good weather and good seas.  In recent years these months have been perfect for sailing which, together with the calendar of activities and events, puts L’Escala on the map as a starting point for sport and leisure sailing.

The Mar d’Empúries Regatta, with more than 160 sailing boats for children, the Interclubs Empordà Regatta, the best and the most well attended of the cruise regattas on the Costa Brava, the Curricà Costa fishing competition, as well as the usual activities organised by the Sports Area with sessions for members and the Clubs own activities, the visitors and the restaurant have made these months at the L’Escala Yacht Club come alive and promote sailing in general.  

Although with the arrival of winter hours, the reduced number of hours of sun and the passage of storms in this area reduce the days that are suitable for sailing, in November and December there can be days and weeks when we have an anticyclone above the Costa Brava and it reminds us that enjoying the sea and the view of L’Escala from the sea is one of the little pleasures that the Club offers.  Why don’t you join us?

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