September, a privileged month to enjoy the sea

September is still a good month for sailing, going kayaking or doing stand up paddle.

Summer isn’t over although September is nearly here. There are still plenty of good days, lots of sun and good weather to enjoy the sea in a privileged way.  The truth is that without the crowds, our favourite corners of l’Escala and Empúries become paradises.

It’s a holiday month in l’Escala

Tranquillity also finds its balance with social, cultural and sports life.  The activity is not yet over in l’Escala. The village Festa Major will take place from 31st August to 4th September, and the Club will actively take part organising the already classic Atena Regata.  There will also be the Salt Festival, which will be on 15th September this year. This popular event celebrates and honours the fishing and salting origins of l’Escala, recreating daily life in the village over 100 years ago.

Summer continues at the Club

There is still lots to do at the Club. Although the timetable of the facilities will be adjusted to mid season hours, all of the port services are still available to the members and users so they can enjoy the Empúries sea at their leisure. The programme of sports activities also continues. September is still a good month for sailing, going kayaking or doing stand up paddle. The Club has planned new sailing courses and has extended its calendar of guided nautical routes to discover nature and the cultural environment of L’Escala from the sea.

In addition, there is an intense month of sporting events. September starts off with the Atena Regatta, which takes place on the 1st and 2nd of September. Only a week later, the Club will host the Trobada de Vela Llatina on the 8th and on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd it will be home to the J70 Championship of Catalonia. The Fishing section, on the other hand, is promoting a new option, kayak fishing, with a social fishing competition programmed for the 8th.

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