The Club promotes energy saving


We keep working to facilitate energy saving at the Club by renovating the exterior lighting of the facilities. This is, however, about working together... Will you join our commitment?

Some tips to contribute to energy saving at the port and at home:

  • When you arrive at the port, please disconnect all electrical appliances in the boat. Then plug the cable first to the boat and then to the service turret.
  • Make sure the plug does not fall into the water, since the presence of salt is a potential danger.
  • Notify the dock crew if you detect operational errors in the connection or supply of safety turrets.
  • Once the batteries of the boat are loaded, please unplug the cable first from the service turret and then from the boat. Also, make sure that the electrical devices have been previously disconnected.
  • When you complete the use of the electrical connection, please make sure that the turret’s socket cover t is closed.
  • Air conditioning: when you use the device please regulate the temperature between 24-26 ° C.
  • Heating: during the day please make the most of the sun’s heat and keep the temperature between 19 - 20ºC (between 16-17ºC at night).
  • Install latest generation electric lamps.
  • Make an efficient use of energy and consume only when necessary.
  • Use renewable energy (solar and wind).

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