Saving water and electricity

Good environmental practices.

In this section, we present a series of recommendations that you should bear in mind when making use of the port. These must always be taken into account, but they play a key part during the summer season due to the large influx of members and users. These "good practices" are important because they contribute to sustainability for the maritime and port environment, as well as allowing the Club's facilities to operate optimally.

Water consumption in the port:


  • First connect the hosepipe and turn off the tap before disconnecting it. When cleaning the craft, do not leave the taps on while you scrub the deck.
  • Use spray cut off diffusers when using the hosepipe connected to the port's water supply point.
  • When using the port's services and sanitary facilities, moderate your water consumption and ensure that taps and showers are turned off completely after use.
  • Please advise the boatyard staff if you find a water leak in the supply network or at the emergency station.
  • Install aerators on taps: they combine water and air, giving the same feeling of comfort. You will use up to 50% less water.
  • It is better to have a shower than a bath. You will save lots of water every time.
  • Turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • If you wash dishes by hand, do it with the tap off. Use one sink for lathering and the other for rinsing.

Consumption and use of electricity at the port

  • When reaching port, disconnect all the craft's electrical appliances. Then connect the cable to the craft's power point first, and then to the service pedestal power point.
  • Make sure the plug does not fall into the water as the presence of salt is a potential hazard.
  • Advise the boatyard staff if you find any faults with the connection or supply from the service pedestals.
  • Once you have charged the craft's batteries, disconnect from the service pedestal power point first and then from the craft. Also make sure that electrical appliances have been disconnected beforehand.
  • When you finish using the electrical connection, make sure the cover of the service pedestal power point is closed.
  • Air conditioning: keep the temperature between 24-26º C when using.
  • Heating: Take advantage of the heat of the sun during the day and keep the temperature between 19- 20º C and 16-17º C at night.

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