Board of Directors

Governing body of the organisation


The people who make up the Board of Directors at Club Nàutic L'Escala are listed below:

  • President

    Sr. Narcís Carreras Masafont

  • Vice President

    Sr. Federico Sampol Bergamo

  • Secretary

    Sr. Jordi Roca Rocasalva

  • Treasurer

    Sr. Claude L. M. Vergés

  • Commodore

    Sr. Gerard Marín Julià

  • Sport Representative

    Sr. Pere Sala Parés

  • Human Resources Representative

    Sr. Abel Palau Oliveras

  • Infrastructures Representative

    Sr. Miquel Negre Rouret

  • Safety and Environment Representative

    Sr. Rafel Callol Solés

  • Image and Member Service Representative

    Sr. Josep Figueras Bosch

  • Representative

    Sr. Josep Pallí

  • Member and Fishing Representative

    Sr. Jordi Carreras Planas

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