Advert postings

Terms of use

1. Who is this aimed at?

This listing is aimed at users who wish to offer or request items related to world of yachting.

2. Categories

Each advert must be posted in the appropriate category.

3. Mandatory fields

Your name and e-mail address are mandatory fields. In the field "advertisement", please write a phrase that fits the content of what you are offering as best as possible so it will allow readers to find and process adverts more effectively.

4. Mooring listings

Adverts posted under the "Mooring listings" category must specify the owner of the right of preferential use and the Club/port it refers to. The Club reserves the right to correct/amend the text of the advert, as well as the right not to post it if any of these details are missing.

5. Acceptance of Publication

Once the advert has been sent, and provided that the content is correct, we will publish it shortly.

6. Posting period

The advert will be public for a period of 6 months. If you wish to extend this period or remove the advert early, you may let us know via the section "Contact us".