European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

We consistently work to enjoy our surroundings with respect!

The Club is a company adhered to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism since July 2019.

Being part of it is a recognition of the efforts we are making to promote activities around protected nature reserves.

The Club in fact, is right next to one of them, the Medes Islands and Montgrí Nature Reserve.

Every day we enjoy our landscapes and nature reserves, but we have to treat them with respect in order to conserve them.

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECST) is an initiative of the EUROPARC Federation whose overall objective is to promote the development of tourism as the key to sustainability within the protected natural areas of Europe.

ECST is a method and a voluntary commitment to apply the principles of sustainable tourism, guiding the managers of protected natural areas and companies to participate in the definition of their strategies and promote networking.

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