How to register: watch video

Once the registration of each user is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the Club’s Sports Office with the proforma invoice and the discounts applied.

Schedules and meeting point:

The schedule and the meeting and pick-up points will vary depending on whether you have chosen a morning, afternoon or all-day activity.



Groups: Groups are created based on age unless the volume of the group continues to be reduced. Each dimecres will publish here the list of the week according to each Campus.

Lunch: You can make the reservation through this link. You can make the reservation through this link. The option to stay for lunch is voluntary and the reservation should be confirmed and paid for 7 days before the start of the week. Every Wednesday we will publish here the lunch proposal for the next week. We remind you that if they stay for lunch, it is not possible to bring a lunch box with food from home.

Material: We will provide you with a t-shirt. The rest of the equipment is: Backpack, Cap, A canteen with water, Breakfast (morning only), Swimwear and spare clothes, Sun cream applied from home, Towel, Shoes that can get wet.

Payment: We will send you a proforma invoice where the discounts will appear if they should be applied. The outstanding amount, if any, should be settled before the first day of activity. Please check that the dates and discounts are correct.

Available payment methods:

  • In cash or by card at the Sailing School office 7 days before the first day of activity.
  • Through the web using this link – Indicate the user name and surname; to the description, the number of the proforma invoice and pay the rest of the pending payment, that is, subtract the payment already made when registering, with the total of the proforma invoice.
  • Being a member of the Club, and with your authorization we can pass it to you through the bank.


Any communication to attendees will be sent by email 48 hours before or by SMS.

Cancellation & changes:

  • Week changes will be accepted without surcharge until 1/6. After that date, they will be accepted based on availability.
  • Check the cancellation policy of the Club Nàutic L’Escala.

You will find the rest of the information on the activity by selecting the chosen campus on the web.

Thank you very much and see you at the Summer Camp 2023. We will have a great time!

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