How to do good waste management?

If you are a Club customer, you can use the following waste management systems

Port esportiu a la Costa Brava
Port esportiu a la Costa Brava

Recycling is one the measures we have available to help us take care of our planet.

Separating waste correctly improves its recycling or appropriate treatment.  In this way, we don’t throw away the waste, but we contribute to the beginning of a new cycle: its reuse.

In the Club you will find several ecological stations with waste, glass, plastic and paper containers to facilitate waste management.

You can also use the Blue Point, destined for hazardous waste.

The Service Station has a suction pump to empty your boat of sewage.

At the ecological stations you can separate the common waste so it can be treated and recycled correctly.


    • Yellow Container – Waste containers, cans, and plastic sheets.
    • Green Container – Glass.
    • Blue Container  – Paper and carton.
    • Grey Container – The rest in the reject bin.

The Blue Point is the space for the most dangerous waste. Throwing it in its right place prevents it from ending up in the sea polluting the environment.

It is the case of:

    • Oil
    • Paints
    • Solvents
    • Batteries
    • Filters
    • Expired drugs
    • Harsh chemicals

Under the current legislation, vessels must have a tank for sewage.

Thes sewage waters cannot be discharged into the sea or the port as they are polluting.

The Gas Station of the Club has a suctio pump to empty these deposits.

Use it to guarantee its correct treatment!

  • Do not throw anything into the sea or on the coast. On reaching the port, use the recycling containers for deposit. In case of doubt, you can consult the Club staff.
  • Separate waste on board. It is recommended to use bags of different colors or separate containers.
  • Check regularly for leaks or fuel oil of the vessel.
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