Drought Alert: save water

  • 20/February/2024
  • Category: Environment

Since 26 September, the Baix Ter aquifer, which supplies water to l’Escala, remains in a state of alert. Several restrictions on the use of drinking water must be taken into account.

The Club’s water service is still available to users, but in order to contribute to the saving and efficiency in the management of this precious and scarce resource, the Club has adopted the following commitments.

In this regard, as a user, we ask you to save water, more than ever, as much as you possibly can.

Will you help us?

    • As a general rule, always prioritise oral use over any other use.
    • Reduce as much as possible the duration and frequency of washing your boat and give priority to the elements that need to be desalinated for their proper maintenance and operation.
    • Cleaning of boats is only allowed with a bucket and sponge in order to use as little water as possible.
    • The Club has reduced the flow of water into the facility in order to contain its consumption.
    • The Club will use regenerated water to reduce the use of potable water.
    • The water pipes that supply the pontoons and hose intakes of the Club’s Nautical Centre will only be opened at weekends and at peak times to facilitate the service. During the week it will remain closed to avoid micro-leaks and it will be necessary to request its opening at the Club Offices or at the Club Marine Maintenance.
    • Controls will be carried out and records will be kept on a daily basis with the aim of detecting any leaks or incident in the internal water supply network.
    • Preventative maintenance action will be increased and the repair of any incident will have to be immediate.
    • Investments in improving the internal drinking water supply network will be priority.
    • The pressure of the regulators situated at the entrances of the facilities will be adjusted to the minimum necessary for the correct operation of the equipment.
    • The saving and responsible consumption of water will be encouraged through specific awareness campaigns aimed at users and internal and external staff.
    • The watering of existing trees and bushes will be kept to the minimum subsistence levels.
    • The irrigation of non adapted seasonal species will be stopped. If any plants have to be planted in the summer or new landscaping is required, dry plant species that do not need irrigation will be chosen (tamarisk, pampas grass, rosemary, etc.)
    • The governing bodies and the professional staff of the marina will ensure that these recommendations are implemented.
    • Check out the Club’s actions to promote good environmental practices in the Responsible Port section.

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