The Club finishes the third phase of expansion of the photovoltaic plant

  • 21/April/2023
  • Category: Port

The energy transition and sustainable development as well as the reduction of the impact of the Club’s activity on its environment are key objectives for the entity, which recently finalised the third phase of expansion of the photovoltaic plant installed at the Administrative Headquarters.

The year, the system has been equipped with 80 new 30 kW plates that will double the power achieved in the two previous phases and take a new step towards self sustainability.

Having completed the first two phases, this system of auto production made it possible to reduce the consumption of electricity from supply companies by 17.18% last year.

Along these lines, the gas boiler of the sanitary facilities of the Social Headquarters has also been replaced by an aerothermal unit. This new cleaner technology uses the ambient energy of the air to produce hot water.

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