Let’s behave responsibly: news 2024

  • 31/January/2024
  • Category: Environment

Find out the latest on the Let’s behave responsibly campaign for 2024!

  • Faced with the drought situation that our country is suffering from, the Club is doing everything to reduce the consumption of water resources with measures such as a general check of the water installation with the objective of guaranteeing the minimum number of leaks. We are also planning to put into effect an awareness campaign aimed at our users.
  • With the objective of promoting the regeneration of the environment, the Club has decided to acquire a DPOL of Ekkopol pump unit, which collects floating residue and hydrocarbons automatically 24 hours a day, which will improve the quality of the water inside the harbour.
  • The Club is promoting citizen science projects as a way of collaborating with the initiative Surfing for Science. This year the activity is open to members, who can take part free of charge. Make your reservation through the App: Type of activity: Guided Route – Other Modality
  • Last but not least, we have planned to expand the environmental educational content which is offered through the Club’s sports services and in particular in the Guided Routes.
  • Once again, the Club will renew its ISO 9001 and 14001 and EMAS certificates, as well as its commitment to the Blue Flag, the voluntary agreement programme for the reduction of CO2 and the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. All of them endorse the Club’s environmental management and the dissemination of good environmental practices among its users.

You’ll find all the information in the Responsible Marina section of the website!

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