Security useful tips

If you are not returning to the port for a few weeks or before a storm forecast, follow the following recommendations to minimize the risk of incidents:

  • Tie down the boat properly. The Club puts at your disposal correctly dimensioned earth mooring ropes, equipped with impact attenuators and safety systems to avoid any type of rupture as much as possible. If you detect any anomaly, contact us.
  • Place the appropriate sized fenders and ensure that they are at the correct pressure if they are inflatable. There should be a minimum of four fenders per side and if you notice that they often deflate, they need to be replaced.
  • Check that your boat keeps a correct separation from the dock to avoid bumps when there are changes in atmospheric pressure. To this factor must be added the effects that strong wind and agitation of the water can produce inside the sports dock.
    • Boats between 8 and 14 meters in length – minimum of 2 m.
    • Boats between 14 and 24 m – minimum of 3 m.
  • Empty bilge water and dirty water tanks. This service is available at the Service Station and is free for Club users.
  • Make sure the boat is disconnected from the electrical current.
  • If you have a sailboat and you plan not to use it during some time, it is advisable to remove the sails, especially the bow ones. If not, it is necessary to secure candles and covers properly.
  • Remove the awnings to prevent degradation and deterioration.
  • If you have a cover to protect the open cockpit of your boat, it is necessary to put a stick in the middle or some system to prevent the water from accumulating in it and stop it from ending up inside the boat.
  • It is advisable to check your boat at least once a month and always before a bad weather episode.
  • In the event of a storm, always access the boat accompanied by the Club’s marine security team. Also, do not approach dikes and breakwaters for your own safety.

If you observe any incident, both in your boat or in any other, or have any questions, contact the Club’s Marineria team.

Thank you for helping us keep the port safe!

16.8º C

Vent: 246 WSW 3.0Kts, 6.3 Max

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