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Family Subscription

From 01/Jan to 31/Dec/2023

Sail all year round with your family at a flat rate!

  • Age: from 6 years old
  • Level: medium and advanced

You and your family (mother, father and children) can sail at a flat rate all year round!

Enjoy dinghy sailing, kayak and stand up paddle whenever and however you wish.

We are offering you the chance to go sailing at leisure and enjoy guided activities so you can share in the experience together.

Free rental: up to 3 hours, subject to availability.

  • Acces to foats for: dinghy sailing, sea kayak, stand up paddle and sea rowing with a maximum of 4 people. From the 5th, the fee of 24€/p per month will have to be paid.
  • Participate for free in the directed activities of kayaking, stand up paddle and dinghy sailing.
  • Free access to up to three advanced level sailing courses. From the fourth course, each one will be priced at €50.
  • Free access to the school extracurricular activities.
  • Access to the sports technical programmes (subject to level test).
  • Access to Storage Subscription with a 50% discount.
  • You can bring up to 3 guests a year to participate in the Fleet Membership program. (Except July and August). From the fourth on, a small fee will have to be paid.
  • Access to the Club’s Nautical Center changing rooms and lockers.
  • All the advantages of being a Sports Member of the Club.
  • Children between 3 and 7 years old can freely accompany the Fleet member in any activity under their supervision and responsibility.
  • If you can’t come sailing for a few months, ask for a temporary suspension.
    • In order to contract this membership, the family book must be presented.
    • All Subscription members must be Sports Member or a Club Member.
    • Pay the registration fee (check the prices).
    • Have insurance for third party and personal injury in the event of an accident that covers physical activity in the open air. If you wish, we can organise this for you.
    • Have the minimum level required to use the boat, otherwise a training course or a level test must be taken.
24.9º C

Vent: 0 N 0.0Kts, 22.0 Max

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