Choose a modality  

  • Stand up paddle 
  • Rem de mar 
  • J70 
  • Creuer 
  • Caiac 
  • Multiactivitat 
  • Vela lleugera 

For what age?  

  • Juvenil (13 - 18 anys) 
  • Adult (+ 18 anys) 

Fleet Plus Susbscription

From 01/Dec to 31/Dec/2022

Sail all year round for only 67 € per month!

  • Age: from 12 years old
  • Level: medium and advanced

Do you like sailing but you don’t have a boat?

Come and enjoy dinghy and cruise sailing, coastal rowing, kayak and stand up paddle whenever you want.

Cruise boats available:

  • Dufour 35 Classic – 10 m
  • J70 – 7 m

Sail at leisure or enjoy your favourite sport with friends participating in the Club’s organised activities.

Free rental: maximum of 3 hours (subject to availability).

    • Inviting freely the users of the Fleet Members Programme to join you on the Club’s cruise sailing boats (€20/session).
    • Inviting a total of three people a year for free (except in July and August).
    • You can bring guests at a cost of €36 per person on a cruise boat and €23 per person on a dinghy boat.
    • All the advantages of the Fleet Subscription programme.
    • All the benefits of being a Sports Member of the Club.
    • If you can’t come sailing for a few months, ask for a temporary suspension. You can keep your membership for only €16 up to four months a year.
    • Minimum level: intermediate. If you haven’t sailed with us before, we will do a level test.
    • Be a Sports Member or a Club Member
    • Pay a registration fee of 190 €. If you have spent more than 175 € on Club services during the year, the registration will have a 50% discount.
    • Have insurance for third party and personal injury in the event of an accident that covers physical activity in the open air. If you wish, we can organise this for you.
    • If you suspend your subscription from the Fleet Plus programme, you can only renew it after 3 months.
2022 - Abonats
27.4º C

Vent: 213 SSW 4.7Kts, 20.3 Max

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