2024 RS21 world Championship, a sustainable event

  • 2/September/2022
  • Category: Environment, Regattas

The 2024 RS21 World Championship by Club Nàutic l’Escala by delegation of RS21 Class and Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV) will work to obtain the Platinum certification of the Clean Regattas program powered by Sailors of the Sea.

The objective is to respect the environment and minimize the impact of our activity on the natural environment that surrounds us through five lines of action that we would appreciate if you could help us carry out: 

    • Club Nàutic l’Escala is located right next to the Montgrí Natural Park, a protected area of great natural value. Remember that it is not allowed to throw waste into the water in order to guarantee its conservation.
    • Recycling: both at the launching area and the at Village Marquee, you will find several recycling points duly identified with paper containers (blue), plastic (green) and waste (grey). Make use of it and if you have any questions, consult the Blue Team of the regatta.
    • Elimination of single-use plastics: during the regatta only plates, cutlery and compostable cups will be provided that must be deposited in the waste container once they have been used.
    • Elimination of single-use plastic bottles: during the event you will find two self-service drinking water points inside the Village Marquee. We recommend, therefore, that you bring your bottle, which you can re-fill whenever you need to, in any of these two points.
    • Reduction of the use of paper: the Notice Board of the regatta will be virtual. You can consult it whenever you need it on the event website.


    • The launching area of the regatta will have  water points with hoses so that you can clean and desalinate the boat. All of them will have a diffuser in order to minimize water consumption.
    • Water is a scarce resource, especially in an area with a Mediterranean climate such as L’Escala. We therefore ask you to consume only the necessary amount of water and to close the tap while you are not using it.

The use of soap for cleaning boats is regulated throughout the port area and only ecological and biodegradable soap can be used to do so. If you do not have one, you can buy it at the Regatta Office.

In order for you to get to know better the natural environment of the Club and L’Escala and contribute to its conservation, we have organized a cleaning of the coast that will take place. Come join us!


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