Microplastics, a global problem

  • 23/June/2023
  • Category: Environment

Don’t miss the environmental conference on 14th July to learn more about the threat of micro plastics and how the initiative Surfing for Science is working to better understand it together with the collaboration of the Club.

Organised with the collaboration of Fundació Alive, the ‘Microplastics, a global problem’ conference will feature Anna Sànchez, the principal researcher of the project at the University of Barcelona.

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The Surfing for Science project at the Club

Since last February Club users have been collaborating with the Surfing for Science project. The initiative, led by the University of Barcelona with the support of the Surfrider Foundation, works with the objective of assessing the microplastic pollution in the sea.

With this aim, the members of the Club carry out a fortnightly collection of samples while going on a kayak or a stand up paddle along the section that follows the l’Escala coast.

The Surfing for Science project has received an honourable mention at the first European Union Citizen Science awards.

The samples obtained, also thanks to the Fundació Alive, are sent to the University where they are analysed in order to detect the amount and type of microplastics present.

The first data received on the magnitude of the microplastic pollution in two different areas of the Catalan and Basque coasts can be consulted at the following link. The virtual app allows you to select the year, the area, the values to be plotted, the units, the tracks recorded by the participants and also the distribution of microplastics by size, categories and colours, amongst other things.

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