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club nautic escala-logo-ODS-medi ambient
club nautic escala-logo-ODS-medi ambient
  • 4/April/2022
  • Category: Environment

Club Nàutic l’Escala has aligned itself with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) within the framework of the strategic lines of the 2021-27 mandate of its Board of Directors. In this sense, it has committed itself to nine of the 17 goals set by the United Nations in order to make our world a better place by 2030.

Through its annual plan of action, the Club will work to achieve the following goals included in this global objective programme:

  • Objective number 3: Promote a healthy life and well-being among the public of all ages
  • Objective number 7: Energy efficiency and renewable energies
  • Objective number 8: Growth
  • Objective number 9: Construction of resilient infrastructures
  • Objective number 10: Reduction of inequalities
  • Objective number 12: Responsible consumption of natural resources
  • Objective number 14: Protect marine biodiversity
  • Objective number 16: Solid and transparent institutions
  • Objective number 17: Alliances to achieve the objectives

The Sustainable Development Goals are interrelated and address global day-to-day challenges such as inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity or justice.

Sustainability is the key to ensuring a sustainable future for man and the environment, and this is why the Club has committed itself to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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