Environmental proposals 2023

2022-nauticescala-medi ambient-Neteja fons marí
2022-nauticescala-medi ambient-Neteja fons marí
  • 10/February/2023
  • Category: Environment

The Club is keeping its firm commitment to the environment and the natural surroundings of l’Escala, so we are inviting you to come and join us through various initiatives to preserve it, but at the same time we want you to have fun.

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The Club’s Let’s act responsibly is back, which includes various communication activities designed to promote correct waste management and the responsible use of water and electricity.

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The Club’s agenda includes several proposals to help us get to know the natural environment better and to contribute to its preservation. Once again, we are preparing the environmentally themed Conferences and the already traditional Clean Up of the Seabed event. However, the following activities are worth highlighting:

    • Nature Trips: the first one of these initiatives co-organised with the Fundació Alive will take place with the celebration of its first two days out to explore the marine environment of l’Escala through photography.
    • MedFoto: the photography contest organised by the Club and Fundació Alive is celebrating its third anniversary. The rules are published from 1st February, the competition will be open for submision from 1st April to 15th May, with some novelties.


Establishing alliances is important to preserve and improve the coastline, so that is why the Club collaborates with different entities and projects. Find out more!

    • Xarxa Catalana de Marcatge i Seguiment de Fauna Aquàtica (Catalan Aquatic Fauna Marking and Monitoring Network): the Club is starting its collaboration with this initiative by placing a receiving hydrophone in its premises, which will allow it to capture the signals emitted by fish fitted with acoustic emitters. This data will be used to detect the activity of individual residents within the port in order to monitor the fishing resources of the area.
    • Project RESMED: it also monitors fishing resources, the Club’s sport fishing enthusiasts collaborate with this citizen science project through their Recreational Fishing Scientific Days. The fishermen record the size and position of their catches, and the data is shared with the scientists.
    • Surfing for Science: The Club collaborates with the Fundació Alive with the Surfing for Science project. Through this initiative, various trips with SUP boards will be organised in l’Escala, during which micro plastics will be collected and analysed to find out the type, the quantity and even their origin.

Follow all the news in the Responsible Marina section of the Club’s website!

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