The Club with the Marine Regeneration

2023-nauticescala-medi ambient-ocean ecostructures
2023-nauticescala-medi ambient-ocean ecostructures
  • 23/August/2023
  • Category: Environment

The marine biodiversity regeneration system Ocean Ecostructures offers its first results at the Club. The four units of the Bioboosting System for marine biodiversity regeneration, installed just over a year ago at the Club by Ocean Ecostructures, are generating a positive impact in the port area of the entity.

On the one hand, it has been detected that the structures are producing an increasing amount of biomass, with a total of 2,781.8 g of dry weight. On the other hand, the four units have been colonized by a wide variety of organisms, ranging from algae to fish, including species such as mollusks or sponges.

This was revealed in the monitoring report presented by the company this August, which confirms that the system is bringing results in terms of improving ecological conditions in the port area. Through this technique, the Club becomes an active agent in the recovery of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

This action aligns with the strategic lines of the 2021-27 mandate of the Club’s Board of Directors and its adherence to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. In this sense, it contributes to goals number 14, the protection of marine life, and 17, partnerships for the goals.

Do you want to know the number of species, biomass, generated oxygen, and captured CO2 in the L’Escala ecosystem? Check it out on the OceanEcostructures App!

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